How to Trade With the Gartley Pattern

How to Trade With the Gartley Pattern, the Gartley pattern is a harmonic pattern and a profitable type of pattern  used in all financial instruments.  Gartley pattern rules can be found everywhere. But no one tells you how to win from Gartley pattern. In this article, I will give you detailed information about how a perfect pattern will work.

Gartley patten

In this way, it is the rules. With the Fibonacci tool, you will first measure after a certain measure, your eyes will immediately begin to see the pattern.  So far, you can find information everywhere. I will tell you clearly when to enter and when to exit the trade in this article. Please leave a comment to have more of my posts…


gartley pattern islem

The Gartley pattern rules that you see above have fully processed, but the pattern has been canceled, you found the formation in the trade, my advice is not to enter immediately wait for confirmation in the candle formations. After the last black candle was formed, two white candles were formed, which can deceive you and force you to trade. But if two white candles had not thrown on top of my black candle, if it had exceeded the black candle, the pattern would have worked very nicely.


Gartley yukselis formasyonu

If we look at the Gartley bullish pattern, two white candles were formed after the black candle and became a harbinger of the ascension in the candle formation. After these candles are formed, you can easily enter the process and win.

It is the candle formations and trend line that you should pay attention to when trading with the Gartley pattern. If the pattern is formed from trend support and the candle supports the formation, you can easily enter the formation.

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